The department of information communication of Kai Nan University is established in 2003. The department will culture more students of ability with knowledgeable, realizing each new type information technology and communication technology, and integrating many applications. Graduate can help enterprise to bring into fully play the maximum potential of information communication. Kai Nan university is located in Tao-Yuan and nears the well-developed Taipei and Hsinchu. This department can corporate with enterprises and to establish the relationship between enterprises and the department to help local information activities. In the future, the department can participate in the setup advertisement of an air city, the multimedia advertisement and the home page design of local establishment, and the film/program production of movie/TV companies. Information communication is a discipline of enhancing practice and application. It must blend the professionalism, practice, marketing, management and human culture. According to the setup object of this department and evaluate the needed current condition of our society, the future development direction of the department will enhance the integration of theories and practices; information and communication; common discipline and professionalism. Many survey reports display this direction will match the necessary man power of the companies about movie/TV, information communication, network multimedia, computer games production, advertisement, and network marketing, respectively.